Other Bird Species Sighted 2021

2021 – Bird Species observed around Fruitgrowers Reservoir

There is no particular process to this, other than I post what I see or what other reliable observers tell me.  It’s anecdotal, not systematic. The date is the day the species was first observed; it is probably not the date the species actually first appeared here.

Bald Eagle – Feb 17
Canada Goose – Feb 17
European Starling – March 1
Northern Harrier – March 1
Red-winged Blackbird – March 1
Mallard – March 1
Common Merganser – March 2
Western Meadowlark – March 6
Great Blue Heron – March 8
Northern Pintail – March – 8
Ring-necked Pheasant – March 10
Black-billed Magpie – March 17
Northern Pintail – March 17
American Wigeon – March 17
Green-winged Teal – March 17
Cinnamon Teal – March 17
American Robin – March 17
Gull [Sp.?] – March 17
White Pelican – March 20 (single bird)
White Goose – March 24 A single bird among Canadas at a relatively long distance, so the species will have to wait.
Hairy Woodpecker – March 29
Northern Flicker (western red-shafted) – March 29
Northern Shoveler – March 30
American Coot – April 16
Franklin’s Gull – April 16
Gadwall -April 16
Black-necked Stilt – April 16
Willet – April 20
Snowy Egret – April 20
Western Grebe – April 20 One of my favorite species each Spring. Weeks earlier than now, Western Grebes would have shown up in great numbers and entertained us as they swam, dived, danced and displayed their courtship rituals. Because this was to be my last of the daily crane counts and I had not seen any so far, I drove around to the Fruitgrowers dam for a look. In those deeper waters I saw a single grebe. I don’t know if it was as mystified as was I about the lack of its fellow water dancers. From there I drove back to the dry (lost?) causeway of North Road to resume the crane count. Waiting for cranes with the spotting scope at full magnification, I could see at several hundred yards to the far side of the Reservoir a couple of dozen Westerns bobbing frenetically in the extremely choppy water.
I certainly hope this Spring’s greatly diminished migration through Hart’s Basin and the extremely low water levels of Fruitgrowers Reservoir is not a new normal.