Crane Watching Etiquette

1.  Sandhill Cranes tend to arrive at the reservoir in the afternoons and early evenings.  They stop to feed and rest on their journey north.  They are used to cattle and other wildlife but are shy of people and move away when people approach.  The cranes need the resting and feeding opportunities Fruitgrowers Reservoir and the surrounding lands provide.

2. The Bureau of Reclamation controls the Reservoir and its shoreline.  The surrounding land is privately owned and entry is prohibited without landowner permission.  These landowners enjoy the cranes and they provide and protect the land that the cranes rely on.

Generally speaking, if you cross a fence or go through a gate to look at the cranes, you have gone too far!  Please do not park where you will be blocking access to ranchers’ gates.  Please observe all signs that have been placed to help you identify the boundaries.

3.  Crane watching etiquette also includes attention to our surroundings.  The road along which we park to view the cranes is a county road which is used by local residents to commute from place to place.  Park on the shoulder, not on the road. Don’t step out onto the road without looking.  Please be attentive to the traffic while you watch the cranes!  Enjoy!